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Drink Menu


We Proudly Serve Coca-Cola Products


Fountain Drinks & Freshly Made Sweet Iced Tea

(Unsweet Iced Tea can be made to order)




Small (16 Ounce)- $1.75

Medium (22 Ounce) - $2.00

Large (32 Ounce) - $2.25

Refills- $1.25 Any Size




Ice Cold Bottled Drinks


20oz Bottled Sodas (Selection Varies, Usually Includes Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Seagram's Ginger Ale, and selected other varieties)- $2.00

20oz Dasani Water- $2.00

15.2oz Minute Maid Orange Juice- $2.00

12oz Glass Bottle Old Dominion Root Beer- $2.00 (Made with Pure Honey)

Tum E Yummies- $1.25

Monster Energy Drink- $3.25



Hot Drinks

(12 Ounce Cups)

Freshly Brewed Coffee- $1.00

Decaf Coffee- $1.00

Hot Tea- $1.00

Hot Chocolate- $1.00

Refill- $.50



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