Oaklawn Bowl Party Info

Below is a list of the party packages we offer.  All party packages include one hour of bowling, starting at the scheduled party time.  You may add an additional half hour or hour of bowling for an additional charge.  If you want to add additional time we can only guarantee the extra time if you reserve it with your initial booking.  You may choose to add additional time the day of the party but it is dependant on lane availability and other scheduled parties.  We ask you to please arrive between 15 and 30 minutes prior to your scheduled party start time so you can set up your decorations, etc. and have everything set for when your guests arrive as we can only guarantee the lanes for fifteen (15) minutes past the scheduled party time, if you are running late please call to inform us.  There is a $20 deposit, that must be paid within seven (7) days of booking the party to guarantee your spot, which will be applied towards your party when you pay the balance the day of the party.  To receive a refund of the deposit you must give us fourteen (14) days notice and your deposit will be refunded in full. The prices also apply for children's sports team banquets, Boy and Girl Scout groups, etc.  These parties can be scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and also on a Monday or Thursday evening.  We also offer special packages for church groups, business parties, etc.  For more details give us a call at (804)458-5913 and speak with Rick.

Party Packages

Packages generally come with Lay's Classic Potato Chips and we can not offer different types of chips as we would have to stock a larger amount of the other chips we offer and they could potentially sit around and go bad.  If you would like however you may request and under some circumstances we may sub the chips (i.e. we have enough of the other chips and they are going to soon go out of date, etc.)  We can also offer the birthday boy/girl the bag of chips of his/her choice. 


If you would like to substitute fries for chips you may do so for an additional $0.75 charge per plate.


Extra Food

If you would like to substitute fries for chips you may do so for an additional $0.75 charge per plate.


Extra Bowling (If Lanes Are Available, Rates Are Per Person)

More Info

You may bring in Cake & Ice Cream.  You are not allowed to bring in any other food or drinks.  You may also bring in party favors, decorations, etc.  However we ask that you do not bring in party horns, water guns, or silly string as these are hazardous at a bowling center, thank you in advance for your cooperation.

For More Info Please Call Us @ (804)458-5913